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Height Restrictors

Hand-crafted in the UK by our expert team, Bollard Street’s range of height restrictors and height restriction barriers is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Designed and manufactured in-house, we guarantee that every barrier supplied not only meets but surpasses the highest standards for durability and performance.

Height restrictors and height restriction barriers are essential tools designed to control the access of vehicles based on their height, widely used across the UK in car parks, under bridges, and at the entrances to sensitive areas to prevent entry by oversized vehicles. These devices serve a critical role in protecting infrastructure, ensuring safety, and maintaining order by effectively managing the types of vehicles that can enter specific locations. Whether it’s safeguarding low-clearance tunnels from potential damage or enforcing restrictions in private car parks, height restriction barriers provide a reliable solution for controlling vehicle access and enhancing security.

Understanding that no two sites or projects are identical, we go the extra mile by providing bespoke CAD drawings for approval before every order. This tailored approach ensures a solution that isn’t merely “fit for purpose” but perfectly aligns with the unique parameters of your space, guaranteeing seamless integration into your project.

Our collection of height restriction solutions includes versatile “swinging” models, designed for flexible access control, and more robust fixed height restrictors. Each is manufactured from the finest steel and aluminium, built to order to match your exact specifications. With the option to add a powder-coated finish in a spectrum of standard BS or RAL colours, or a galvanised finish for that extra layer of resilience, your barriers will stand out for all the right reasons.

Visibility is paramount, and our high-visibility signage and optional suspended ‘nudge’ bars guide drivers safely, ensuring they’re aware of clearance levels at a glance. It’s all about providing peace of mind and safety for everyone involved.

At Bollard Street, we pride ourselves on not just selling products but on crafting bespoke solutions. Whether you’re in search of a standard design or something uniquely tailored, our team is on hand to bring your vision to life, offering the flexibility and innovation that only in-house manufacturing can provide.

From the initial design phase right through to installation, we’re with you every step of the way. Discover the best of British engineering with Bollard Street’s height restrictors and height restriction barriers. For a solution as unique as your site, get in touch with our team today. Let’s make your space safer, together.

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