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Door Barriers/Restrainers

Protect and enhance the functionality of your entrances and exits with our range of door barriers/restrainers. Ideal to be used in a variety of commercial and residential settings, our door barriers offer both durability and style, ensuring that your space is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Door barriers are an essential form of safety and security device that are used to control or restrict movement through doorways. Commonly employed in both commercial and residential environments as way of preventing doors from opening too far, preventing the risk of damage to the door itself and any nearby structures such as walls, vehicles or even people. They also assist in managing access, enhancing privacy and increasing security by controlling the flow of pedestrians.

Door barriers are also utilised to protect against unauthorised entry and to ensure that exits are secure and compliant with building safety regulations. This usage is particularly prevalent in higher traffic areas where the potential for general wear and tear to affect door fixtures is more significant, making them integral to maintaining the longevity and functionality of the doors.

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Why Choose Our Door Barriers?

Our door barriers are built to last and are constructed from high-grade materials like galvanised steel to ensure their longevity and resistance to general wear and tear. Our rigorous in-house manufacturing process adheres to the highest standards, including BS EN ISO 1461, to guarantee corrosion resistance and maintain structural integrity over time.

Able to cater for both functional and decorative needs, our door barriers are available in a range of designs. Whether you need a simple, sturdy barrier such as our Harrogate Door Restrainer or something a bit more stylish like the Langley Door Restrainer, we have options that can suit every environment.

Choose from a variety of RAL colours and finishes to match the existing aesthetic of your building, with customisation options that ensure that the barriers not only perform well but complement your site too.

Designed to meet the needs of diverse environments, our barriers ensure that your entrances are safe, secure, and visually appealing. Enhancing the safety and functionality of your building with our reliable and stylish door barriers is simple, for more details on our products you can browse our full range below, or contact us to discuss a more bespoke solution.

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