• Standard Lift Out Post

    The standard removable ‘lift out post’ is manufactured in mild steel and powder coated in black with a contrast white band.
    The post comes complete with the ground socket and is available in three different sizes:

    Small: For use in driveways, forecourts, etc.
    LOP.SM.RM, Lift put post, small type
    Intermediate: Car park use, town centres, supermarkets, garages.
    LOP.IN.RM, Lift put post, intermediate type
    Large: For heavy duty applications where lorries, vans, etc. are involved. (Handles are supplied on large bollard only, to assist removal of post.)
    LOP.LG.RM, Lift put post, Large (with handles)

    Standard Lift Out Post Specification:
    • Material – Mild Steel
    • Powder coated black with single white as standard (nonreflective grade) vinyl
    • Basic padlocks are supplied with each post
    • Includes one ground socket per post
    • Handles are supplied on the large bollard only, to assist removal of post.
    • All posts feature amber reflectors on both sides
    • Ground socket finish – bright zinc plated
    • Size of aperture of the bollards for the padlock to go through is 14 mm diameter.

  • Stainless Steel BollardsStainless Steel Bollard

    Banded Bollard

    Classic stainless steel bollard with slightly domed top cap available in either 304 or 316 (marine grade) material. This bollard is available in various diameters and overall lengths/heights above ground. Featuring coloured contrast banding. All the stainless steel bollards can have reflective bands, either simply applied and to the outside, or set in a rebate which is milled into the bollard to accept the various bands types which can be applied. In class 1 or class 2 (diamond grade) retro-reflective material in a multitude of colours. Please contact our sales department for more information on banding options and types available.

    As well as enhancing the bollards aesthetically they fulfil the purpose of waning pedestrians and motorists alike of their presence.

    Bollard top options:-

    Flat, semi dome, high dome, sloped angled/mitred top

    Dimensions:-  Various standard bollard diameters to order from

    76 mm diameter up to 300 mm diameter. Standard bollard lengths,

    1000, 900 mm or 750mm height above ground.

    Options:  Submerged fix (root fix), base plate fix, anti-ram version, removable format, reflective banding, in satin or highly polished finishes.

  • Square Removable Post Galvanised

    Our square removable post manufactured in 80 x 80 mm section mild steel.

    Our most popular lift out bollard offers a great combination of security and value for money. Its robust finish and industrial strength mean this removable bollard lends itself to several applications, including car showrooms, domestic garage security, driveway security and individual parking space protection. 

    Fully Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 (2009) for maximum corrosion resistance.

    With red and white reflective class 1 vertical banding applied to two opposite faces for maximum visibility.

    Product code: LOP.SQ.80.RM

    Product Specification

    Lifting weight: 9.1 or 14.8 Kg for 3 mm or 5 mm

    Height: 1000 mm

    Section: 80 x 80 mm

    Wall thickness: 3 or 5 mm

    Foundation depth: 300 mm

  • Base plated bollard by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture SpecialistsBase plated bollard by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture Specialists

    Base Plated Bollard

    Product code: MS.RDBOL.BPB

    Round mild steel bollard with base plate for fixing directly to a suitable level concrete surface or base with suitable ground fixing bolts.

    This bollard is available in various diameters and overall lengths/heights above ground.

    Bollard top options: –

    Flat, semi dome, high dome, sloped angled/mitred top

    Dimensions: –

    Various standard bollard diameters to order from 76 mm diameter up to 300 mm diameter.

    76, 90,101, 114, 127, 140, 150, 168, 193, 220, 245, 273 and 323 mm

    Standard bollard lengths: –

    1000 mm, 900 mm or 750mm heights above ground or made to client’s specification


    Polyester powder coated in a range of standard B.S and RAL colours

    Reflective banding, or plain vinyl bands in a range of standard colours

    Turned rebates in bollard for reflective banding to be set into

    Loose cap with ‘J’ tang to allow for concrete filling bollard on site

    Hot dip galvanising to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 for maximum corrosion resistance

  • Mild Steel Round Removable Bollard

    This versatile round bollard can be manufactured in various diameters of mild steel or aluminium to order and comes complete with a precession manufactured laser cut mild steel ‘host’ ground socket.

    This has a ‘slim’ profile lid which is hot dipped galvanised as standard with and anti-slip chequer plate lid and surround.

    Available in 76 mm, 90 mm,101 mm, 114 mm, 140 mm, 152 mm, 168 mm diameter sections to order. It can me manufactured to replicate existing bollards exactly. Padlock fix, hasp and staple design.


    Product code: MS.BOL.RD.RM


    Product Options:

    • Handles to assist lifting
    • Available in aluminium to order to reduce lifting weight
    • Lugs for chains
    • Reflective banding, available in various grades of retro reflective material and colours
    • Rebates for banding to be set in
    • Available finished in a range of standard RAL and BS colours
    • Semi dome or flat top
    • Additional ‘spare’ ground sockets

     Model illustrated MS.BOL.76.RM in 76 mm diameter aluminium.

  • Bellingham seat by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture SpecialistsBellingham seat by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture Specialists

    Bellingham Seat

    The Bellingham seat is a stylish and elegant ‘longer’ commercial quality seat manufactured from iroko hardwood timber and is well suited to public realm locations and communal areas.

    Dimensions: Height 900mm, Width 520 mm

    Lengths: 2500 mm

    Options:  Available without arms, curved radiused and bespoke designs.

    Plaques and engraving, ground securing/fixing brackets available for direct fix to floor. Root fix (embedded legs)Seats can be stained with a propriety wood stain/preserver. Commemorative plaques and engravings.

    Matching planter also available.

  • Bolton litter bin by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture Specialists

    Bolton Litter Bin

    Stylish modern design featuring unique bayonet fixing/locking mechanism to combine ease of emptying with maximum security.

    Available in black, dark green, brown, red, green, burgundy, beige, yellow, and blue.

    Fixing Options: –

    Bolted down using fixing bolts supplied.

    Base may be concreted into the ground.

    Base may be ballasted.

    Material: Manufactured from Polyethylene

    Capacity:  90 Litres

    Dimensions: 1000 mm (H), diameter 490mm

    Weight: 12.5kg

    Options: –

    Metal or plastic Liner available

    Personalised with brand or logo

    Lock can be added if requested

  • Burscough litter bin by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture SpecialistsBurscough litter bin by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture Specialists

    Burscough Litter Bin

    The Burscough Plastic litter bin is a traditional designed litter bin with a 90 litre capacity. It features external ribs which deter fly posting and its available in black as standard.

    Its classic design means its well suited to heritage schemes but it will also complement contemporary street landscapes. The circular bin is of sturdy construction and its body lifts completely and separates from the base unit allowing easy access to the liner for easy litter empting.

    The chamfered ergonomic litter apertures also encourage litter being placed inside the bin. This litter bin features either gold or silver banding as standard and the ‘bin it’ logo.

    This particular litter bin is available in black only


    Domed hood

    Anti-flyposting finish

    Lift off design bin hood

    Choice of keyed lock or keyled locking system

    Chamfered litter apertures

    Decorative banding recesses and ‘Bin-it’ logo

    Material: UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene MDPE Plastic

    Capacity:  90 Litres

    Dimensions: 1060 mm (H) 545 mm diameter

    Weight: 14 KG with Liner


    Subber plate

    Internal ballast kit

    Gold or silver banding

    Choice of metal or plastic liner

    Metal liner with elastic sack retention system

    Aperture flap kit

    Various ground bolt fixing kits

  • Smoking shelter by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture SpecialistsSmoking shelter by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture Specialists

    Classic Smoking Shelter

    Product code: SMOK.CLA.MS

    This design features a ‘barrel roof’ comprising of curved aluminum profile arcs, and 80 x 80 mm mild steel square support posts on base plates, two aluminum crossbeams 40 x 60 mm and two aluminum profile rainwater gutters. The roof is clad in 6 mm fire and impact resistant translucent cellular polycarbonate with UV protection.

    Side Cladding

    Toughened safety glass cladding (8mm thick) with security signage and “smoking zone” signs supplied, fixed with aluminum clamps for easy replacement in the event of vandalism. Fixed by clamping device making for easy replacement of the safety glass panels in the event of vandalism.

    Finish and assembly

    Galvanized steel, which can also be powder coated in a range of RAL colors. Assembly and installation instructions supplied.

    Suitable for 6-8 people

    Dimensions: Length: 2500 and 5000 mm (width entrance 1000 mm). Depth: 1560 mm. Height: 2680 mm.

    Submerged fix or base plate fix,

    Galvanised finish or powder coated in a single RAL colour

    Clear or opaque PET glazing