• solar bollardssolar bollards

    Aluminium Solar Powered Bollard

    A classic design aluminum solar bollard, with the PV set in the top of the bollard available in two heights and finished in black, manufactured to  the ISO9001:2008 quality standard.

    This bollard comes supplied with ground fixing bolts for securing direct to the ground to a suitable concrete base ready to go.

    This solar bollard is fitted with 12 super bright white LEDs and offers an excellent light pattern of 360 degrees. It can be easily installed almost anywhere. Ideal for footpaths, car parks, pedestrian and public realm areas in a choice of two sizes.

    Manufactured in all aluminium with a clear polycarbonate lamp diffuser. The light produced is almost 100 Lumens and is emitted via a circular array of twelve high intensity, white coloured, Cree® LEDs within the lens section. In a dark location this bollard is capable of projecting light outwards and downwards for up to 4 meters all around (360 degrees). Overall light visibility of up to 1km. This bollard produces around 630 Lux at source. Available in a choice of two sizes (large or small). Colour of light output is white. Colour of product is black. Sold as a single unit. Both units are 150 mm diameter.


    ILB.AL.150.SOL.LED.SM      Small (840 mm height above ground), weight 4.5 Kg


    ILB.AL.150.SOL.LED.LG      Large (1040 mm height above ground), weight 5 Kg



    Twelve super bright, high output, white coloured Cree® LEDs.
    Each LED produces 8 Lumens. 96 Lumens total output.
    630 Lux at source.

    LED colour temperature 5500~6000k.

    Light output is equal to approx. 25 Watts of incandescent lighting.
    Approximately 6 Lux at ground 1 metre from bollard, 2 Lux at 2 metres and 1 Lux at 3 metres.
    All aluminium construction, no parts to rust.
    Black powder coated finish.
    Other colours available for large quantity orders only (white, brown, green or any RAL colours).
    Illumination pattern is 360 degrees with light projected outwards and downwards towards the ground.

    Supplied with lithium battery.
    Batteries are pre-installed.

    Solar Panel

    High quality 2.5 Watt solar panel.
    The solar panel is set into the top section of the bollard fitting

    Technical specification


    • Typically illuminates from dusk until dawn (where conditions permit).
    • Self contained with no connection to a mains supply.
    • Built-in photocell for automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.
    • All aluminium construction, no parts to rust.
    • Black powder coated finish.
    • Other colours available via large quantity orders only.
    • 3 Integral Ni-Cad rechargeable C-type batteries (1.2v 2800mAh), included and easily

    replaceable when necessary.

    • Integral high quality 2.5 Watt solar panel.
    • The small size bollard stands approximately 840 mm high.
    • The large size bollard stands approximately 1040 mm
    • Main body (column section) is approximately 150 mm.
    • The clear lampshade section is approximately 180 mm diameter and 200 mm high.
    • The top section of the bollard is approximately 230 mm diameter.
    • The base section of the bollard is approximately 215 mm diameter.



    Easily installed onto almost any horizontal, solid surface such as concrete, tarmac, wood, paving etc.
    Installation time is usually less than 5 minutes per bollard.
    The base section of the bollard has 4 pre-drilled holes for screw-down or bolt-down installation.
    Standard grade, steel bolts are included (expanding anchor type).
    You may choose to use stainless steel expanding anchor bolts instead (not included).
    The bolt pattern (diagonal centre to centre) is approximately 19 cm.
    Spacing is at the owner/installer’s discretion anywhere from 3 meters  to 12 meters apart (subject to any specific requirements).
    Spacing at 4 metres apart would typically achieve an approximate 2 Lux light distribution pattern.
    Spacing at 5 metres apart would typically achieve an approximate 1.5 Lux light distribution pattern.

    Product specific notes

    This product is a special order product and is non-returnable except in the event of a fault (during its warranty period) when the product, once returned will be repaired or replaced.

    The solar panel must be installed in a location where it can receive full direct sunshine (when available) and set facing South at about a 45-60 degree angle (where adjustment options allow). The solar panel must not be installed in a shaded or part shaded location and never indoors. The standard specifications of the system (particularly the solar panel Wattage and battery capacity) may need to be adjusted. These components are determined by your geographic location, power consumption (LED Wattage) and the total amount of hours of illumination time required. Such changes to the standard specifications may increase or decrease the cost shown. Please contact us for more information or assistance. The illumination time is estimated and subject to various factors including (but not limited to) geographic location, seasons, temperature, weather conditions & location of product etc. The illumination time of most solar lights can reduce during winter months when the weather is poor and the days are shorter. During this time, insolation hours decrease accordingly. Shorter illumination time due to one or more of the above factors does not define the product as being ‘defective’ or ‘not as described’ or ‘not fit for purpose’. All solar lights must be used in a dark location at night time otherwise they may not illuminate. Nearby strong lighting sources or ambient lighting may affect the operation of a solar light. This does not define the product as being ‘defective’ or ‘not as described’. Please note, if you do not install or use this product for several months the battery may discharge naturally on its own. By allowing a battery to deep discharge it may cause irreversible damage as the battery may then lose the ability to recharge or hold a full charge. Although unlikely, we reserve the right to supply this product with any minor alterations or minor changes to the specifications (shown above by text description or by photographs) due to different supplies or product batches received, incorporating such product changes made by the manufacturer, without further notice. Descriptions, specifications and photographs are updated regularly but may not be current when minor changes to a product have only recently been made.

  • commercial bin storecommercial bin store

    Cedar Bin Stores

    A robust high capacity hardwood timber commercial compound clad in low maintenance Western red cedar with a mild steel sub frame and a discrete concealed integral roof.

    Designed to accommodate multiple wheelie bins for multiple users, ideal for apartment complexes and social housing.

    This is a flexible modular design which is UK manufactured and can be easily adapted and is available in various configurations and sizes. Available with sustainable timber cladding in a choice of hardwoods in various finishes typically iroko, sapele, cedar and oak with the option of other species of timber to special order.

    The shelter’s aesthetics make it ideally suited for rural settings, but it equally blends into more urban environments creating an attractive contrast between the timber slats and the surrounding built environment.

    Offering a complete secure bin store compound solution which is ideal for schools and university college campuses, commercial kitchens, restaurants and office blocks.

    The bin store can be designed to be either ‘open’ or a secure compound with controlled access by means of lockable gates secured by mechanical keypad or padlock fix.

    This store design is available with the option of a roof if required in various materials to order.

    Product code: BINST.HDWD

    Dimensions:-  13000 x 4000– 2700mm height for unit illustrated, width and length made to order to suit individual clients requirements.

    Lock mechanism

    Locinox ‘Vinci’ mechanical code lock in silver


    Cladding and structure

    18 mm x 144 mm vertical boards, 2700 mm height

    Mild steel support frame with hardwood cladding to project specification and requirements.

    All timber is either PEFC or FSC certified which is felled in the U.K were possible.

    Robust modular construction and with mild steel sub frame in 70 x 70 mm SHS which is hot dipped hot-dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 for maximum corrosion resistance which can also be powder coated in a RAL colour to match a corporate colour schemes if required. The shelter can be designed to be either ‘open’ or a secure with a gate.

    Vertical timber clad double leaf security gates with hasp and staple locking mechanisms

    Submerged ground fixing with base plate

    Hollow section end frames and purlins

    Assembled with high strength bolts on site, supplied ready for assembly on site

    and purlins and members are

    Supplied ‘flat pack’ complete with all required ironmongery and assembly bolts to site, supplied ready for installation.


    Bespoke versions available to suit individual site requirements and dimensions

    Secure compound design available with either swinging or sliding gate

    Vertical or horizontal cladding timbers

    Vertical timber clad double leaf security gates with hasp and staple locking mechanisms

    Mechanical, coded locking pads

    Submerged ground fixing with base plate

    Internal lighting

    Gutter systems

    Full installation service available UK wide by fully trained site installers with a full site survey service available by request.

  • motorcycle standmotorcycle stand

    Moto Motorcycle Racks

    Versatile motorcycle stand manufactured in 60 mm mild steel round tube with a choice of four decorative top cap details. This unit can be supplied in just hot dipped galvanised finish for maximum corrosion protection or galvanised and powder coated in a standard RAL or BS colour.


    Material: Mild steel hot dipped galvanised

    Tube section: 60 mm

    Height: 580mm Height above ground, 265 mm root, length 1200 mm

    Width: 450 mm



    • Available finished in any RAL or BS standard colour
    • Optional decorative base covers

    Product code. MCST.MOTO.MS

  • ground anchorground anchor

    Motorcycle Ground Anchor, Rotating

    This robust ground anchor unit offers the advantages of a relatively easy installation with a high level of security. As the central shackle rotates so rendering any potential attack more problematic to any potential thief.



    • Rotating core shackle is set inside the bezel in bright chromium finish
    • Foldable integral lie flat shackle
    • Durable surround in either stainless steel, highly visible red, yellow or black rubberised material
    • Root fixed (ragged) concrete in spigot
    • Relative low-cost installation

    Material: Stainless steel with plastic shroud, hardened stainless steel

    Height: 30 mm

    Width/diameter:  280 mm


    Available with all stainless steel shroud/surround

    Yellow shroud

    Red shroud

    Black shroud

    Product code: MCST.ROTA.MS

  • motorcycle postmotorcycle post

    Motorcycle Post

    Versatile motorcycle frame manufactured in robust 80 x 80 mm mild steel box section. This unit can be supplied in just hot dipped galvanised finish for maximum corrosion protection or galvanised and powder coated in a standard RAL colour. 250 x 250 mm square base plate or available with root fix for concreting in.

    Material: Mild steel hot dipped galvanised

    Tube section: 80 x 80 mm

    Height: 770 mm Height 


    Single or double version available

    Available finished in any RAL colour

    Root or base plate fix

    Product code. MCST.POST.MS

  • motorcycle rackmotorcycle rack

    Motorcycle Racks

    A front wheel support modular motorcycle rack manufactured in 60 x 60 mm mild steel section. This unit can be supplied in just hot dipped galvanised finish for maximum corrosion protection or galvanised and powder coated in a standard RAL colour.

    Available in various lengths to accommodate a designated number of motorcycles at 800 mm nominal centres/spaces. A ‘double sided’ unit is also available to accommodate motorcycles ‘back to back’ and maximise available storage space.

    Two Capacity: 1600 mm

    Three Capacity: 2500 mm

    Four Capacity: 3400 mm

    Five Capacity: 4300 mm

    Material: Mild steel hot dipped galvanised

    Steel section: 60 x 60 mm

    Height: 785 mm Height above ground

    Length: Various lengths

    Width: 335 mm


    • Root or base plate fix
    • Single or double sided
    • Non-standard lengths made to order
    • Available finished in any standard RAL or BS colour

    Product code. MCST.RACK.MS

  • motorcycle rack

    Newton Motorcycle Stand

  • Smoking Shelters For Sale

    Reading Smoking Shelter

    This ‘Reading’ smoking shelter is a popular robust shelter featuring a curved roof line which is supplied in ‘flat pack’ format for easy assembly on site. Manufactured from 50 mm x 50 mm square strongbox mild steel it’s supplied with all the required fixing and assembly bolts. Available polyester powder coated in most standard RAL colours or in hot dipped galvanised finish to BS EN ISO 1461:2009. It’s supplied with pre-cut 4 mm clear PETg glazing as standard and fully complies with the smoking ban parliament Act 3368.

    Suitable for 6-8 people

    Dimensions: 2250 mm Height, 1100 mm width, 2050 mm length




    Submerged fix or base plate fix

    Galvanised finish or powder coated in a single RAL or BS colours

    Clear or opaque PETg glazing

    Free standing cigarette bin can be supplied or a mountable stubber/cigarette bin can be fixed to the inside of the shelter

    Integral Perch seat

  • parking postsparking posts

    Square Collapsible Parking Post

    A low cost and popular parking post designed to restrict access to car parking spaces and driveways. This post is lockable in the upright position by the means of a padlock supplied at the base of the post, anchor can bolts can also be supplied. The floor mounted base is secured by the means of 5 no. M12 Anchor bolts to a prepared concrete foundation.

    Hinged action allows post to fold down into flat position, when the post is in the down position, the required ground clearance is 100 mm.

    This post comes supplied with a high quality 70 mm discuss padlock as standard, supplied with two keys, these padlocks can be either ‘suited’ i.e ‘keyed alike’ if more than one post, or keyed to differ.

    Post specifications:-

    Mild steel fold down parking post

    70 mm x 70 mm mild steel, zinc plated finish in sliver

    730 mm height overall

    Two versions are available

    Surface mounted (5 nr M12 fixings required per post) product code PP.DLFD.SM

    Spigot mounted (Ragged or root fix) 300 mm depth product code. PP.DLFD.RT