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Bollard Street Limited
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A lot of architects are specifying a sedum roof on a bin store as an alternative to a galvanised roof as they are an environmentally friendly alternative. EPDM is a waterproof roofing membrane for commercial, industrial and residential roofs. It is lightweight, flexible, durable and flame free also being low maintenance and eco-friendly. The sedum can be applied in a tray system or in individual layers from the EDPM waterproof membrane, the fleece protection layer, the drainage substrate soil and finally sedum plants. We can offer a mix of varieties of sedum roof plants and a selection of 8-10 of these is usually in the “Sedum Mix”: They can be any of the following: Acre, Album, Aizoon, Czar’s Gold, Ellacombianum, Floriferum, Fabaria, Hispanicum, Hybridum Montanum, Oktoberfest, Oreganum, Pulchellum, Rupestre, Sexangulare, Spurium, Stoloniferum Telephium.

Additional Materials that we use on products include a variety of UK quarried stones that can be either Natural or we can offer a large dull or silk finish polished stones in a pebble form.