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Bollard Street Limited
Wheatlea Road, Marus Bridge
Wigan, Lancashire

Telescopic boom barrier

A manual rising arm barrier featuring an innovative adjustable telescopic pole (boom arm). This barrier is suitable for most road widths and is adjustable for road widths from 3050 mm up to 6400 mm.

The 80 mm x 80mm aluminum boom barrier elongated by a 70 mm x 70 mm aluminum shaft. Width ranging from 3200 to 6550mm (distance between rotation axis and the end of the barrier) with a width between the posts from 3050 to 6400 mm.

Rotation on a stainless-steel shaft on ball bearings.

Hidden counterweight set on top of boom.

Can be locked in the upright position (on the main post) or downwards position (on the rest post) by the pin and padlock supplied.

Complete with mild steel rest post.

White lacquered finish with red reflective strips. Fixed to adjustable base plate with kit of U-shaped bolt.

Fixed to on a base plate with installation kit supplied.


Locking with an 11 mm triangle key.

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