Stainless Steel Bollard
  • Stainless Steel Bollard
  • Stainless Steel Bollard
  • Stainless Steel Bollard


Stainless steel bollards can be produced and adapted with signage for various site requirements and applications. Bespoke signage and standard highways regulatory signs can be applied and set inside the bollard to order.

The signage bollard illustrated is a bespoke signage bollard set inside a flush socket system which allows the bollard to be removed on an occasional basis.

Dimensions:-  Various standard bollard diameters to order from

76 mm diameter up to 200 mm diameter. Standard bollard heights above ground,

1000, 900 mm or 750mm height above ground.

Options:  Various sign faces, reflective banding, available in satin or highly polished finishes.

Bollard top options:-

Flat, semi dome, high dome, sloped

Bespoke and alternatives stainless steel bollard designs are available please contact our sales department with your specific requirements.