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Bollard Street Limited
Wheatlea Road, Marus Bridge
Wigan, Lancashire

Machined Top

This bollard features a highly polished precision CNC machined solid stainless steel top cap. This contrasts alongside the main body of the bollard which is bead blasted to a dull ‘shot peened’ matt finish resulting in stunning visual effect.

Available in either 304 or 316 (marine grade) material. This bollard is available in various diameters and overall lengths/heights above ground.

Dimensions:-  Various standard bollard diameters to order from

76 mm diameter up to 300 mm diameter. Standard bollard lengths,

1000, 900 mm or 750mm height above ground.

Options:  base plate fix format, reflective banding, in satin or highly polished finishes.

Bollard top options:-

CNC machined solid stainless steel top cap to suit respective bollard diameter.

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