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Bollard Street Limited
Wheatlea Road, Marus Bridge
Wigan, Lancashire

Traffic Cones

These traffic cones meet all UK regulations and are manufactured to the upper-most standard. Traffic Cone 1 and Traffic Cone 2 consist of 2 pieces, the sleeves which implement reflectivity at all times of day, whilst the bases are produced from recycled materials as well as anti-slip aspects. As for Traffic Cone 3, this consists of a 1-piece product, sand filled for added weight and support.

In addition to this, we offer optional chain kits. The chain clasp can be attached to the top of the cone and the chain will connect, creating a barrier effect.

Suitable for any setting where warning or guidance is necessary.

Product CodeProduct NameProduct Dimensions (H)Lead Times
BSL350.15.478Traffic Cone 1 (sleeve & base)500mm1 – 2 days
BSL350.18.349Traffic Cone 2 (sleeve & base)460mm
BSL350.13.537Traffic Cone 3 (sleeve, sand weighted)750mm
BSL353.38.516*Optional* Chain Clasp & Chain Kit5 x Chain Clasp & 10m Red/White
BSL353.25.477*Optional* Chain Clasp Pack 10 x Pieces


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