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Solar Powered Bollard

Solar powered bollard

Our Solar powered bollard light is a very popular Bollard especially for commercial applications. It can be installed in and around car parks, along footpaths, at entrances to commercial buildings. They are very easy to install and the LED light output is great in providing low level amenity lighting without causing light pollution. They are made of aluminum a powder coated finish. Typical spacing would be around 4m to 8m apart or further depending upon the requirements of the application. It is often more economical to install bollard lighting than to install over-head street lights.

The bollard is the first bollard with integrated solar powered lighting provided by advanced light-emitting diodes (LED) technology. The bollard has been developed in response to client requests for a bollard designed for use in areas where wiring is unfeasible or inconvenient, or where security concerns demand lighting that is off-grid.

It is a reliable, economical, secure, energy-saving solution for lighting pathways, dividing pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and providing security in settings ranged from corporate, local council, and university campuses to urban streetscapes.

The bollard integrates a completely self-contained solar powered LED lighting unit, encapsulated in a durable weatherproof polycarbonate/polymer housing, into a standard 150 mm diameter bollard.

The bollard casts a directional light above the ground. Its sixteen white LEDs provide 360° visibility with a range exceeding one mile. Because it requires no wiring, the bollard breaks new ground as the first removable bollard with integrated lighting.

Solar Bollard Specification and Components

Solar collector, storage battery, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and circuitry are environmentally encapsulated in polycarbonate housing. Light turns off during daytime charge cycle. Sixteen white LEDs provide 360° visibility with a range over one mile. Light is maintenance free over a life of approximately five years.

Material: Mild steel CHS
Dimensions: 150 mm dia. or 300 mm, 825 mm overall

Light intensity: The intensity at the source is 20 foot-candles for the low voltage light
and 18 foot-candles for the solar light.

Mounting Options: 150 mm bollard is embedded only. 150 mm bollard permanently embedded or removable with embedded socket.

Finishes: Finish on metal is Pangard II® finishing process that includes a rust inhibitor
and topcoat finish of thermosetting polyester powder coat that is U.V., chip and flake

Colours: Bollards are available in a selection of standard colours. Optional and custom
colours available at additional cost. Protective sleeves are available in Black or Silver.
Custom colour sleeves are available on order of 50 or more for an additional cost.

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