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Retractable Telescopic Bollard

Telescopic bollards are a highly secure and effective product for protecting and securing premises and vehicles alike. This stainless steel telescopic bollard format is fully retractable so the actual bollards can be lifted out of the ground in a matter of seconds to secure most sites, then conversely lowered just into a host ground tube to allow access when required.

Locking in its ‘raised’ upright position with an integral high security push button lock, the telescopic bollard can be supplied in a reinforced, anti-ram version if required and coordinating static bollards can be supplied to match. It is available in various diameters and heights above around and optional reflective bands can be applied for visibility.

Please note that most of our telescopic bollards are now available with a ‘lift assist’ mechanism.

These telescopic bollards are fitted with an internal gas strut which reduces the posts effective operating weight by approximately 70%. This mechanism enables the bollards to be lifted effortlessly into place and the posts decent is also a controlled movement.

Telescopic bollards are available in either 304 or 316 (marine grade) material.

Dimensions: Various standard bollard diameters 101 mm and 114, 129 and 140 mm diameter. Standard bollard heights above ground, 900, 1000 mm height above ground.

Options:  Reflective banding, ‘Lift assist’ gas strut versions, matching static bollards available.

Bollard top options: Flat only with locking handle

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