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The Pinner seat is a range topping classically designed, quality heavy duty seat made from iroko hardwood being a traditional type park seat. This seat is built in the UK by highly skilled craftsmen using traditional joinery techniques. Major joints are mortised and tenoned and dowels are used extensively. By a careful “dry” method of construction, i.e. the minimal use of adhesive it is simple to repair or refurbish the furniture should damage occur.

Dimensions: Height 920mm, Width 680 mm

Standard Lengths: 1800 mm, 1950 mm, 2580 mm
Respective weights 39 kg or 40 kg with two central arm rest for the 1800 mm long unit
41 kg and 43 Kg for the 1950 mm long unit and 60 kg for the 2580 mm long unit.

Options: Available without arms, curved radiused and bespoke designs. Plaques and engraving, ground securing/fixing brackets available for direct fix to floor. Root fix (embedded legs). Seats can be stained with a propriety wood stain/preserver. Commemorative plaques and engravings.

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