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Motorcycle Ground Anchor, Rotating

This robust ground anchor unit offers the advantages of a relatively easy installation with a high level of security. As the central shackle rotates so rendering any potential attack more problematic to any potential thief.



  • Rotating core shackle is set inside the bezel in bright chromium finish
  • Foldable integral lie flat shackle
  • Durable surround in either stainless steel, highly visible red, yellow or black rubberised material
  • Root fixed (ragged) concrete in spigot
  • Relative low-cost installation

Material: Stainless steel with plastic shroud, hardened stainless steel

Height: 30 mm

Width/diameter:  280 mm


Available with all stainless steel shroud/surround

Yellow shroud

Red shroud

Black shroud

Product code: MCST.ROTA.MS