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Sheffield Multi-Store Cycle Rack (Toast Rack)

The Sheffield multi-store ‘toast rack’ facilitates multi rack installation and its simple yet pleasing design allows the user to access from either side, it also works well within any of our cycle shelter designs. It’s suitable for areas that require free-standing cycle parking that can be installed quickly. Each rack can be configured to offer storage from four up to ten cycles. Racks are simply bolted to the floor and as such can be used for temporary cycle parking for major events. Multiple racks in this ‘toast’ rack configuration, are available set at various centres, 700, 750, 800, 900 and at 1000 mm which is the BREEAM best practice and sustainable design standard.

Dimensions:- 800mm or 600 mm Height above ground 750 mm length, 40, 50, 60 mm dia. tube.

Options: Available with stands in flat pack assembly for fixing together on site or as a fully welded unit, in various configurations, centres and lengths.

Polyester powder coating to most standard RAL or BS 4800 range colours. Available in stainless steel, 304 grade and 316 grade.

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