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Bollard Street Limited
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Wigan, Lancashire

High Dome Banded

These bollards feature a pronounced ‘high’ dome top cap which are available in either 304 or 316 (marine grade) material.

Available with contrast banding which can be, either simply applied and to the outside, or set in a rebate which is milled into the bollard to accept the various band types which can be applied. In class 1 or class 2 (diamond grade) retro-reflective material in a multitude of colours. Please contact our sales department for more information on banding options and types available

This bollard is available in various diameters and overall lengths/heights above ground and features a rebate which can have banding set into the rebate for visibility. Single or multiple rebates can be machined as required with various colours and grades of material available.

Dimensions:-  Various standard bollard diameters to order from

76 mm diameter up to 300 mm diameter. Standard bollard lengths,

1000, 900 mm or 750mm height above ground.

Options:  Submerged fix (root fix), base plate fix, anti-ram version, removable format, reflective banding, in satin or highly polished finishes

Bollard top options:-

High dome proportioned welded top cap to suit the bollards specific diameter

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