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Flexible Bollard

The flexible polymer bollard has no inner steel core and as such it is ‘flexible’ and will return to its original position after impact. Available in standard high impact resistant zero maintenance polyurethane this flexible bollard can be used in locations where bollards are likely to be impacted by vehicles at low speeds. This has the dual advantages of reducing impact damage to vehicles and also negates the costs of expensive civils works involved with removing damaged bollards. So it’s ideally suited for applications where low speed collisions are likely such as supermarket car parks. It also features a single recess which can be fitted with a retro-reflective band for extra visibility. This  ‘fully pigmented’ bollard like standard polymer bollards is ‘self-finished’ in terms of colour supplied in black as standard with options of yellow, red, ochre, orange, white, green and blue to special order.

This maintenance-free flexible bollard is available in two standard diameters of 130 mm with a 9 mm wall thickness and also 155 mm diameter with a 12 mm wall thickness and it’s also available in the classic Manchester type bollard design.

Height above ground 1000 mm

Maximum diameter 130 and 155 mm for the plain cylindrical bollards, 220 mm diameter for the Manchester bollard version.

Weight 5 Kg and 7 Kg respectively for the cylindrical bollard

Available formats:-

Standard root fix only

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