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Bollard Street Limited
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Double Banded Protection Bollard

The Double Banded Protection Bollard is manufactured in premium strong steel, designed to withstand medium to extreme impacts. Model S is typically deployed where limited space is in the surrounding area. Model L – XXL are suitable for areas such as driveways, building corners, entrances, etc, as they are used for high collision areas. These bollards are also useful for protecting machinery, pillars, bays, etc.

The finish of these bollards includes being hot dipped galvanised and powder coated in yellow with black bands.

Product CodeSizeProduct NameProduct Dimensions (Dia. x Wall Thickness x H)ColourLead Times
BSL199.19.943SBase Plate 200mm x 200mm x 10mm90mm x 3.6mm x 1,200mmYellow/Black1 – 2 days
BSL199.17.454Root Fix90mm x 3.6mm x 1,600mm
BSL199.16.549LBase Plate 250mm x 250mm x 15mm159mm x 4.5mm x 1,200mm
BSL199.15.852Root Fix159mm x 4.5mm x 1,600mm
BSL199.15.151XLBase Plate 250mm x 250mm x 15mm194mm x 4.5mm x 1,200mm5 - 10 days
BSL199.19.836Root Fix194mm x 4.5mm x 1,600mm
BSL199.19.146XXLBase Plate 350mm x 350mm x 15mm273mm x 5.0mm x 1,200mm
BSL199.13.769Root Fix273mm x 5.0mm x 1,600mm
BSL109.18.268Bolts for model S – L 1 - 2 days
BSL109.14.550Bolts for model XL – XXL


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