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Bollard Street Limited
Wheatlea Road, Marus Bridge
Wigan, Lancashire

Cranked Bollard in Stainless Steel

Product code: SS.CKBOL

The cranked bollard is typically utilised and positioned strategically to protect corners at drive through restaurants to protect damage to the corners of buildings, menu boards and speaker posts etc.

Bollards are available in all stainless steel standard round diameters/sections (CHS tube) in various wall thickness. The standard finish is a ‘brushed satin’ (240 grit) with a highly polished mirror finishes also available to order. Standard material is grade 304 with marine grade 316 also available for ‘harsher’ marine type environments.

These bollards are manufactured to suit our customers own specific individual project requirements, so the width of the post can be specified and once agreed a final drawing sent for final consultation and agreement.

Reflective banding can also be applied to the bollard to increase visibility and reduce the likelihood of a potential impact.

Formats include:-
• Static root fix, ‘ragged fix’
• Base plate fix
Options: –

Reflective banding, applied to the bollard in various colours, patterns.
Turned rebates for banding to be set into

Bollard top options:-
Flat, semi dome, ‘high’ dome, sloped angled/mitred top.

Various standard bollard diameters to order from 76 mm diameter up to 193 mm diameter.
76, 90,101, 114, 127, 140, 150, 168, 193 mm

Standard bollard lengths:-

1000 mm, 900 mm or 750mm heights above ground or made to client’s specification

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