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Bollard Street Limited
Wheatlea Road, Marus Bridge
Wigan, Lancashire

Armco Crash Barrier

Bollard Street Ltd ‘untensioned’ safety barrier rail provides an economic, robust, durable, and flexible general barrier system. Suitable for most car parks, industrial estates, garage forecourts, industrial warehouses, and embankments for general delineation applications, whilst also protecting plant, machinery, buildings, and people on industrial sites. 

Manufactured from high quality mild steel all barrier beams and posts are ‘hot dipped’ galvanised to BS BS EN ISO 1461:2009 as standard. Components can be delivered direct to site and assembled to suit each site’s own specific requirements.

Each individual barrier beam provides an effective length of 3200 mm in length, allowing for an overlap of 300 mm, (3500 mm overall). Each individual overlap point requires a total of 8 no. M16 type connection bolts. The 310 mm wide corrugated beam derives its strength from its pressed wave ‘B’ profile.

The system can be supplied with two basic types of support posts, either base plate fix or ‘build in’ versions. Both these post formats are available in either ‘RSJ’ or ‘Z’ section. Support posts can be set at either 1600mm or 3200mm centres, depending upon the required loading requirement. Where runs meet at right angles either an internal or an external corner connector piece can be supplied. Whilst convex and curved barrier beams mean different radius’ on site this can be accommodated. These can be bent to specified radius to order. Barrier rail runs are usually terminated with ‘fishtail’ end terminals.


  • Beams
  • Standard corrugated bean 3.5 & 1.6 meter lengths (3.2 Effective length including overlap)
  • Beams can be ‘rolled’ to radii in order to accommodate curves, convex or concave.
  • Posts
  • Bolt Down (Surface mounted) – Single Beam
  • Bolt Down (Surface mounted) Double Beam
  • Concrete In  (root fix) 
  • Base Plate fix with either ‘Z ‘ or ‘I’ type 
  • Corners
  • External 90°
  • Internal 90°
  • External Flexible
  • Internal Flexible
  • Protective ends
  • Scroll end
  • Fishtail
  • Yellow plastic
  • Beam Converter

Converts Single Beam into Double Beam


  • Ground fixings & contention Bolts

M16 ground fixings for surface mounted posts, 4 nr per post

Overlap bolts 8 nr per post M16x 35 mm , and post bolts all hot dipped galvanised as standard


Armco can also be polyester powder coated to any stand B.S or RAL colour.

Barrier rails can be curved (rolled) to designated radius to accommodate specific site requirements to order.

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