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Hardwood trees grow from seeds or fruit using nature for pollination and are much slower then softwood species to grow which is why hardwood products are more expensive than softwood. Hardwoods are angiosperms and deciduous trees which lose their leaves annually like Oak, Iroko, Sapele and Cumaru pictured below.

A dense wood can split when drilled or nailed whereas a softer less dense timber will be more accepting of a nail.

You need to consider a variety of factors when choosing a wood finished product for a project. A large amount of timber species used externally can fade to a nice silvery grey colour over time when left untreated. Some wood will turn black overtime when exposed to the elements and some timber can turn blue when in contact with metal. For advice on the best species for your project click here

Machining and cutting timber for a variety of products can be CNC machined and finished off manually with our joiners to your individual requirements. We source our timber from sustainable and traceable forests, ensuring it is environmentally friendly and sustainable.