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Granite: one of the most durable and attractive of all natural stones. It is consists of quartz, feldspar and mica; during formation it cooled very slowly which results in it being second only to diamonds in its hardness. Due to its resistance to flaking, scratching and scorching, granite is the number one choice in natural stone for contemporary street furniture. It is the key choice for creating furniture which can be placed in any street scene, with minimal maintenance. The beauty of granite or stone products is that over a long period of time, it does not lose its charm appeal and elegance.

It will not fade or look dated, its rustic appeal will lend an enigmatic touch to the whole project ambiance. Granite is available in various colours and tones and you can pick a variety of colours that will complement the project you are working on. Depending on your preference, you can select a colour that will blend within its surroundings or stand apart due to its contrasting appearance. If you are looking for natural beauty then choosing granite street furniture for your project is a key decision.

Available in a wide range of surface finishes to suit the project brief, granite will add elegance to any Project.

Polished finish: High gloss, smooth finish.

Honed finish: Satin sheen, smooth finish.

Water jet finish: A high pressure water jet is used on the surface of the stone leaving it with a very fine textured finish. This finish is specified where the client requires a quality surface with some “anti-slip” properties.

Sand blast finish: The stone is sand blasted under high pressure to lightly stipple the surface. The finish has a more pronounced texture and is used where a moderate “anti-slip” surface is required.

Chiselled finish: Fine regular lines are etched into the surface of the stone leaving an attractive appearance.

Flamed finish: The surface of the stone is heated with a bare flame resulting in an even, moderately textured finish.

Brushed finish: The surface of the stone is firstly heated with a bare flame and then wire brushed creating a well-worn, textured finish.

Hammered finish: The surface of the stone is hammered resulting in an even, medium textured finish.