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Bollard Street Limited
Wheatlea Road, Marus Bridge
Wigan, Lancashire

Litter Bins & Recycling Units

Bollard Street produces a wide range of litter bins & recycling bins for a variety of external applications from general street waste, dog waste, cigarette waste and recycling, proven for use in public realms all manufactued in the United Kingdom.

We use a range of tested materials including mild steel, stainless steel, timber bins, recycled plastic, cast iron bins, steel bins, stainless steel bins, and plastic bins.

We will have the litter bin ideal for your environment. If we don’t have it already, we can make it. We have attractive designs to enhance visual aesthetics and encourage use and keep areas tidy – saving time and money on maintenance. Most litter bins can feature recycling or ash waste facilities. We can include rodent base bait and bird proof flaps to make litter bins completely functional and reduce street litter. Logos or insignias can be incorporated into litter bin designs to enhance to the identity of an area.

Litter bins can be made bespoke to suit your exact requirements.