Bollards & Street Furniture

Bollard Street offers a comprehensive range of Bollards and Street Furniture built in the UK to exacting standards. Some of our products are featured below…

  • Hardwoord bin store by Bollard Street, UK Street Furniture Specialists

    Hardwood bin store

  • Commercial bin store in use by a client supplied by Bollard Street to keep bins out of sight on company car park.

    Softwood timber bin Store

  • Tree-protection

    Tree protection

  • Signage products

    Signage products

  • Collection of wooden benches provided as seats or seating solution for a park supplied by Bollard Street.

    Seats & benches

  • Retractable security bollards in use to protect a car show room and control parking for client car park.

    Retractable bollards

  • Collection of recycled posts that provide protection from a nearby river. These posts are sustainable and 100% recycled.

    Recycled & sustainable products

  • Bollard Street offer post rail and handrail systems, a black post rail system has been installed for the client.

    Post & rail & handrail systems

  • Bollard Street supply pots, planters & flower beds, this brown planter was supplied for a client by Bollard Street.


  • Street furniture parking posts in use in residential area to control parking supplied by Bollard Street.

    Parking posts

  • Litter-bins-&-recycling-units

    Litter bins & recycling bins

  • Cycle shelters

    Cycle shelters

  • Bicycle, cycle and motor cycle stands in use for client supplied by Bollard Street to provide security for cycles.

    Cycle & motor-cycle stands

  • Barrier systems and gates in use for a leading car supplier on showroom car park supplied by Bollard Street.

    Barrier systems & gates

  • Bespoke-and-commissioned-products

    Bespoke & commissioned products

  • A collection of street bollards in use on a campus supplied by Bollard Street the leading supplier for street bollards.