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The Ranger Illuminated Timber Bollard

A modern timber bollard with a contemporary look available in either iroko or oak hardwoods.  The Ranger illuminated bollard features a choice of either 3 single 1 watt LEDS set a pattern, or a single 9 Watt Luxeon LED fixed in an angled face which disperses the light pattern downwards to ground level. Ideally suited for lighting pathways where a low level of light is required for way marking and due to its engineered angles it looks fantastic from all viewing angles.

The standard unit is 100 * 100 mm section, with a 4 way pyramid top, available in iroko and also oak. The bollard is supplied ready to be wired up on site.

The bollard head/top can have various finishes either a flat top, four way pyramid top or a single angled top to a specified angle.

The bollard disperses light by means of a LED lighting units set in the bollard head. A choice of warm or cool light is available. Photometric data is available upon request. Other LEDS specifications and outputs are available to order. Whilst bespoke variations on the design can be accommodated, please contact our sales department for further information.

The standard section for the bollard is 100 mm x 100 mm square, with a 150 mm x 150 mm square also available to order. Standard length are either 1000 mm or 1200 overall.

A base plate fix version is also available instead of the root fix version.

The bollard comes complete and ready to be installed and connected to a suitable single phase 240 V power source.